The circle and the line

A project I started about a year ago is building momentum and tonight we were interviewed on a local radio station.

The background to the project can be found here

And the radio recording found here

20130831-222428.jpg arrival at SHMU FM, in time for the show this evening.

20130831-222521.jpg being greeted by the hosts and waiting in the green room for the earlier show to finish.

20130831-222612.jpgHowarth and Ian getting ready to start the show. 20 seconds…..5…4…3…*…*…mike live

20130831-222756.jpgMark updating facebook during the show at the same time as asking questions, fielding comments and questions from listeners.

20130831-223035.jpgCatriona waiting to perform her poetry, introduce her music choices and discuss our collaboration.

20130831-223147.jpgRitchie and colin, groupies/hecklers and photographers chilling on the studio sofa.

A brilliant time, hope you like the show, you can listen here

The exhibition opens with an event on 6th September 2013, at the Portsoy Salmon Bothy, more information and dates to follow.


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